Why Not is a platform that stimulates innovation in the field of contemporary dance and performance, and creates an open and accessible environment to encounter these art forms. WhyNot takes dance and performance out of their ‘natural’ theater habitats and places them at carefully chosen locations with a specific nature that offers a different perspective on the work. Next to the biannual festival, WhyNot organizes various activities in which different art disciplines merge together.

In the summer of 2016 WhyNot examined different ways in which to ‘leave the body behind’. A research that reflects on todays technology, society and the contemporary performaning arts scene.

Fabienne interviewed choreographers, filmmakers, and experts on virtual reality and holography about on the ‘non presence’ of a performer in their work and opened the discussion to the audience.

Among the invited guest were Karel van Laere (‘non-present’ but at WhyNot via Skype), Sander Veenhof, Adva Zakai, Jeroen Mol, Dario Torterelli, BlankBlank Film makers and Coralie Vogelaar and Marjolein Vogels.