The workshop ‘Schrijven over Opera’ (Writing about Opera) is a collaboration between Domein voor Kunstkritiek and Nationale Opera & Ballet. Initiated, designed and moderated by Fabienne Vegt, the workshop conducted a broad dialogue on opera and journalism.

A new generation of talented writers was invited to write on the operas presented in Opera Forward Festival 2017. By discussing each others work an reflection was made on how to write an opera review.
A keynote session with Manuel Brug (Suddeutsche Zeitung), Shirley Apthorp (Financial Times) and Regina Müller (Opernwelt) was part of programm as inspirational kick-off. Leo Samama (musicologist and composer) Mieke Kolk (theatre professor at UvA), Ernst Munneke (pianist) and 5 journalists from different Dutch newpapers were invited join the workshop to share their experience in writing and opera. The workshop opened an inspiring debate between different generations and backgrounds on what it takes to write on opera. Together, reflections were made on how a good critique supports the opera production, its afterlive and opera as an artform in a much broader sense.