Nachspielzeit is about a man, a waiter. Though surrounded by the busy daily life of the city and its people, he is extremely lonely. His character is inspired by an article we read about a funeral of a man that no one attended.

The waiter knows the city like the palm of his hand, and everybody in it. But nobody takes notice of him. He is the (ob)server, who feels excluded from human warmth and care. To survive the cold emptiness of life, he creates an old couple in his mind: the parents that he never had. How tragic his situation is, the more poetic and funny is his fantasy. He tries to recover from the unfortunate events that have dominated his life.

Nachspielzeit is the extra time we give him, like in a football match where time is added after injury. This play is an hommage to the imagination that enables us to defeat sadness. Like we go to the theatre - a place to see things that are ‘not true’ - to find comfort and soothing laughter. This is a place to dream and imagine something new. And to succeed in the most difficult thing in life: Mensch sein unter den Menschen.

Text & stage direction: Jan Sobrie
Dramaturgy & choreography: Fabienne Vegt
Set design: Leo de Nijs

Première 13 June 2018 // Zürich Schauspielhaus